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Maharashtra has indeed a rich heritage of ancient monuments representing different phases of development in art and architectural style. The rock-cut architectural beauty witnessed in almost all the cave temples spread over entire Maharashtra is a finest example of majestic glory of the ancient architecture and culture. It is a unique combination of art, sculpture, architecture and culture as well. The forefathers have created and preserved this marvelous treasure for the generation to come.

About 1000 such rock-cut caves, excavated between 200 BC and 700 AD have been found in India during the period of last century. Surprisingly out of 1000, 900 are located in Maharashtra alone. Many more are still there to be excavated which are awaiting for the daylight.

The art of cave temples in India was first initiated by Samrat Ashoka, who was a staunch follower of Buddhism. The style of this architect was later on followed by Shaivas, Vaishnavas and Jains with suitable modifications in the form, symbols and other aspects in order to express suitably their sectarian individuality and characters.

The cave temples carved in a different span of history must have been once the centers of religious activities, pilgrimage, abodes of monks and preachers and places of worship. The main aim behind these architectural majesty must have been patronage to the art and religious activities. The caves at Ellora, Ajanta or Kanheri enjoys the status of a few of the masterpieces in the world.

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