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Kaas Plateau Satara
Kaas Plateau - Bed of Flowers - Satara
The Kaas Plateau (Kaas Pathar), nestled in the Sahyadri ranges (Western Ghats), is 24 kilometers away from Satara. The name ‘Kaas’ originates from the South Indian Marble Tree (in Marathi – Kasa Tree). The place, also known as Maharashtra’s Valley of Flowers, has more than 800 different species of flowers and other plants including Orchidaceae, Maruadona and carnivorous plants such as Gavati Davbindu. The area of the Kaas Pathar is approximately 10 square kilometers.

The plateau is full of wild flowers during the monsoon and looks like a colorful carpet. Kaas is a dream destination for photographers, flora researchers and nature lovers.

Recently UNESCO declared this location as a Biodiversity World Heritage Site.

Rs.10 per person

Rs.10 for Camera Mobile, Rs.50 for Camera, Rs.100 for long zoom camera

Nivant # 91-2162-282679 [located at Yevteshwar]

Nearby Attractions
Kaas Ghat Road, Kumudini Lake, Bhambawali Wanrai Waterfall, Shree Kshetra Yevteshwar, Vasota Fort, Ajinkyatara Fort, Sajjangad Fort, Thoseghar Waterfall, Chalkewadi Windmills

Contact Numbers (Dy. Conservator of Forest)

How to reach Kaas Plateau
Nearest Railway Station : Satara Railway Station
Nearest Airport : Pune International Airport (PNQ)

Pune Airport to Kaas Plateau - 146 Kilometers
Satara to Kaas Plateau (Via Yevteshwar) – 24 Kilometers

Photo Gallery

Smithia Hirsuta Flowers Kaas Plateau Satara
Smithia Hirsuta Flowers
Kaas Road Satara
Kaas Road


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Kaas has astonishing natural beauty! Wide different varieties of flowers naturally grows at this place. There are over 1500 types of plant species near Kaas mountain range.

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