Those curvacious craggy ranges that lying along the coast of Maharashtra, the western ghats, are the home of several little known, but charming hill stations. In fact, they almost belong to the colonial era, when people traveled up to these stations to escape the heat of the plains. Many of them still retain some of that old world charm and would make for an ideal holiday even if it be only on the weekend.

As varied as the different parts of the state, the hill resorts in Maharashtra offer a secluded sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the city, allowing the visitor to explore their natural scenic beauty. They are ideal spots for an invigorating holiday.

Sr.Hill StationLocationDetailed Info
1MahabaleshwarSataraClick Here
2Lonavala KhandalaPuneClick Here
3KamshetPuneClick Here
4MatheranRaigadClick Here
5AmboliSindhudurgaClick Here
6PanchganiSataraClick Here
7ChikhaldaraAmravatiClick Here
8BhandardaraAhmednagarClick Here
9JawharThaneClick Here
10ToranmalDhuleClick Here
11MhaismalAurangabadClick Here
12Malshej GhatPuneClick Here


Nice information about list of Hill Stations in Maharashtra. Maharashtra is rewarded with natures beauty. Sahyadri range of Maharashtra is very beautiful and many hill stations are situated there.

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