PALGHAR - Amazing Maharashtra


There are several holiday spots near Mumbai city which attract thousands of tourists not only from Maharashtra but from all over India and one among these is Palghar.

Palghar is an attractive coastal town in Thane district in Maharashtra and is known for its pollution free environment. The town is still greenish with farms with Palm trees, Chickoo trees, Coconuts and rice cultivation. It is about 106 km away from the Mumbai city. People from Mumbai and suburbs prefer to travel to Palghar to enjoy a soothing break from their hectic work schedule.

The town is easily approachable using the cabs or train service from Mumbai. The trip to the town can prove itself to be an amazing experience for your family as it has the recreation centers for children as well as for the adults also. For children the town has many parks, playgrounds and for the adults there are several night clubs.

To provide proper accommodation to the tourists the town has several hotels and resorts which provide comfortable rooms for all the budget people and delicious food also. These services are offered in the town at very reasonable prices. There are several restaurants and takeaways in the town which offer varieties of delicious cuisines.

There are several attractions in the town which are worth seeing. The Kelve Beach is a beautiful beach of the town where you can have a wonderful beach experience with your family. The unique feature of the Kelve beach is the abundance of the Australian Pine trees. There is a historical fort called “Shirgaon Fort” lies close to the Shirgaon beach. The fort is a tourist place to bring back the memory of Maratha Culture and the golden days of Maratha rule in this region. The picturesque environs of the Shirgaon fort and cleanliness attract many historians apart from the regular tourists. The Waghoba waterfall flows during monsoon serves as a popular picnic spot for the travelers. The waterfall is situated on the Manor Road. Tarapur the town where India’s first nuclear plant is situated is very close to Palghar.


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