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Kamshet - Paragliding Paradise
Kamshet is a popular hill station located in the state of Maharashtra. The village Kamshet is 16 kilometers ahead of the twin hill stations of Khandala and Lonavala. The place is known for its beautiful scenic view.

Tourist Attractions
There are several attractions in Kamshet which are worth seeing. The Kondeshwar Temple dedicated to Hindus God Shiva is a beautiful place of worship is located at Pohara near to Kamshet. Thousands of devotees come to visit this temple at the time of Mahashivratri. The town are also credited with many ancient Caves and Temples. Some of the popular ones are the Karla Caves, Bhaja Caves and Bedsa Caves. The Vadavali Lake is the popular picnic spot of the town where you can enjoy boating. Paragliding is one of the prime attraction in Kamshet. Every year the town organizes Paragliding competitions. These competitions attract the thousands of participants as well as the viewers from all over the world. There are numerous paragliding schools for the beginners in Kamshet.

Best time to visit Kamshet
October to May (Summer 22°C to 40°C; Winter 12°C to 33°C)

Hotels in Kamshet
The locals offer a warm welcome to the tourists. There are several hotels and resorts which offers comfortable rooms and delicious food to the tourists.

Nirvana Base Camp (+91-2114-266187) Min. Tariff - INR 1500/-
Paragliding Ashram (+91-2114-266122) Min. Tariff - INR 2400/
Native Place (+91-2114-286007) Min. Tariff - INR 3400/-

How to reach Kamshet
To travel to this beautiful place you can use cab or bus service either from the Pune Airport or from the Mumbai Airport.

Nearest Railway Station - Lonavala Railway Station. From Lonavala Railway Station to Kamshet is about 16 Kilometers and it costs approximately INR 300/- by cab.


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