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Fort Panhala once was seized by Siddi Johar for about 4 months when Shivaji Maharaj had continued himself beleaguered in the fort. Shivaji Maharaj was left with no alternative than the desperate escape to Vishalgad. Shivaji Maharaj beleaguered for over a few months, escaped one rainy night to Vishalgad, while his faithful general Baji Prabhu Deshapnde laid down his life holding down the forces of Siddi Johar at a narrow pass, since christened ‘Pawankhind’.

This fort is at an altitude of 1003 meters from sea level. The name Vishalgad connotes grandeur and magnificence of this strong hill fort. The picturesque fort houses the Amriteshwar Temple, Takmak Tok, Sati Vrindavan, and a Dargah which is visited by devotees who comprise Hindus as well as Muslims.

Vishalgad is about 60 kilometers to the west of Panhala.

Tourist Lodges / Hotels
Hotel Rajpurush - 0231-2664888

Nearest Airport
Ratnagiri Airport

Nearest Railway Station

Kolhapur to Vishalgad - 80 Kilometers

Nearby Attraction
Jyotiba, Narsobachi Wadi, Amboli, Gokak Falls, Barkhi Waterfall

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