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Panhala Fort Kolhapur
Panhala Fort
The sprawling complex of Panhala fort has a bracing weather of a hill station. Only 18 kilometers from Kolhapur City, Panhala on a height 977 meters above sea level, is both historical and scenic in its appeal. It is redolent with the memories of Shivaji Maharaj who as besieged here by the forces of Siddi Johar and is reported to have effected an epic escape from his clutches to Vishalgad.

Built by Ibrahim Adil Shah in 1500 AD and known as ‘Sajja Kothi’, it is right on the edge of a precipice commanding a magnificent panorama.

Legend reputes Panhala’s origin to the times of Rishi Parashar. In modern history it was Bhoja-II of the great Silahara dynasty who made it the seat of his government in 1190 AD. Panhala was also held successively by the Yadavas and Bahmani Kings and others.

Well laid out, Panhala, with its red soil and salubrious climate, has several ancient ruins and monuments, including the Teen Darwaza, which has an inscription dating back to 954 AD; Wagh Darwaza, the Amberkhana or granary which used to contain 25,000 khandis of corn. There are many viewpoints, fine walks with hike and several places of excursions like Jyotiba with its picturesque ancient temples, to the adjoining plateau of Redegadh and other places.

From Panhala an excursion is also possible to the pass of Pawankhind where Baji Prabhu, Shivaji’s gallant general sacrificed his life to cover the escape of his chief to Vishalgad. Fifty two kilometers away from it is the wildlife sanctuary of Radhanagari.

Nearest Railway Station : Kolhapur

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Panhala Map
Panhala Map
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Panhala History

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