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Karnala Bird Sanctuary
About 55 kilometers away from Mumbai, this old fort is situated on Mumbai-Goa Highway, between Panvel and Pen. The fort is surrounded by dense forest. Various species of plants, birds and animals are seen here. There are the remains of the gates, godowns etc. A bird sanctuary is set up here.

Karnala forest is truly for the birds. Despite its small area, about 5 kilometers square size, variety of birds sights and sounds here are unbelievable. During monsoon, a winding trek 450 meters up to the historic Karnala Fort, takes one through monsoon undergrowth and deciduous forest. On a clear and sunny morning, from this vantage point, in the vicinity of the famed pinnacle rock formation, one is afforded an eagle’s eye view of the surrounds. Barely 30 kilometers at West, the Mumbai coast is visible from here. In winter Karnala is visited by several migratory birds, mostly woodland species which come from their breeding grounds in the Himalayas. The best bird watching time here is between November and February. Established as a sanctuary in 1971, the checklist of birds recorded in the tiny forest totals up to an impressive 150 plus species. By far, one of the finest walks here is the Boremal Trail. A majority of the people come here to picnic, especially during weekends and on holidays, for a respite from the confines of the city.

Nearest Railway Station : Panvel

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