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Battis Shirala popular for the festival of the Serpent
Battis Shirala has become popular for the festival of the Serpent or Nag Panchami. All families in the village perform Naag Puja on the auspicious day which falls in July-August. This village in Sangli district stages a fascinating snake festival on this day.

Villagers in Battis Shirala – old and young catch live cobras, poisonous snakes, and it is said that the cobra’s don’t bite the catchers – devotees. The snakes deposited in earthen pots are fed with milk in worship to the gods. The villagers think nothing of playing around with them, as they believe that on a day dedicated to them the snakes will not bite the hand that feeds them. These live cobras are taken in procession on Nag Panchami day and are left next day from where they were caught. Thousands of Indians and foreigners as well visit the place every year to watch this event.

Gorakhnath Temple, a kilometer away from the village is also worth seeing.

Nearest Railway Station : Sangli

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