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Renuka Devi Mahur, Yellamma
Renuka Devi, Mahur
The temple of the goddess Renuka is situated in Mahur Village of Nanded District.

Renukadevi is the mother of Lord Parshuram. Hence Mahur is also known as Mata Pur. It is also the birthplace of Lord Dattatraya. A big fair is held here every year during Navratri festival.

In Mahur also are the ancient temples of the goddess Anusaya, goddess Kalika and others. Mahurgad fort is two and half kilometers away from Mahur. It is a land fort built in the 12th Century.

Mahur Temple Festivals

for Pooja (Brahmin/Pandit)
Arvind Deo-(02460) 268403
Chandrakant Bhopi-(02460) 268401

Accommodation Mahur
Bhakta Niwas (Mahur) # 02460-268651
Ekvira Dham (Mahur) # 02460-268680

Nearby Places to Visit
Mahurgad Fort, Mahur Caves, Dattatreya Temple, Anusaya Temple, devdeveshwar Temple, Parshuram Temple, Pandav Leni, Mahur Museum

Nearest Airport Mahur
Nagpur Airport (Code:NAG)

Nearest Railway Station Mahur
Kinwat (South Central Railway)

Kinwat to Mahur - 47 Kilometers (By Road)
Nagpur Airport to Mahur - 216 Kilometers (By Road) Via NH7, NH204
Mumbai to Mahur - 778 kms (By Road)

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