Suruchi Baug Vasai
Suruchi Baug (Garden of Australian Pine) is located on the West side of Vasai nearby to Vasai Village (Parnaka).

Suruchi Baug has a charm of its own with its beautiful groves of Suru.

Nearby Suruchi Baug is the beautiful Vasai beach. The beach is clean and beautiful and it attracts tourist from far and wide.

How to go there :-
You will get Auto Rickshaws directly for Suruchi Baug from Vasai Road Railway Station.

Accommodation :-
The Grand Villa Lodge [Opp. Papdy Talao, Vasai (W)] # 0250-2326755 / 2323934

Nearby Attraction :-
Vasai Beach, Vasai Fort, Arnala Beach, Jivdani Temple

Nearest Railway Station :-
Vasai Road (Western Railway)

Distance :-
Vasai Station to Suruchi Baug - 8 Kilometers (By Road)


Arnala Fort
ARNALA FORT, located around 8 miles north of Vasai. The Fort is also known as ‘Jaldurga’ or ‘Janjire Arnala’, is built on a small island in the port town of Arnala. The fort is one of the best coastal forts. The Arnala Fort was captured by many empires such as Mughals, Marathas, Portuguese and lastly Peshwas. The ruler Mahmud Begda originally built the Fort in 1516.

Points of Attractions :-
• Octagonal Water Reservoir
• Temples of Ambakeshwar, Goddess Bhavani and Lord Shiva
• Tombs of Shahali and Hajjali
• The `Paduka' or sacred sandals of Shree Nityanand Maharaj

How to reach there :-
The Village ‘Arnala’ is about 10 kilometers from Virar Railway Station. State Transport's buses, Share Auto Rickshaws are available to reach there. After reaching the Arnala Beach, you can reach the Fort by commuter boat only.

The Boats Timings are :-
• 6.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
• 4.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.

Nearby Attractions :-
• Arnala Beach
• St. Peter's Church

Nearby places to stay :-
Arnala Village has many resorts. There are some lodges and hotels in Virar.

Nearest Railway Station :-
Virar Railway Station (Western Railway)

Distance :-
Virar Station to Arnala Village - 10 Kilometers (By Road)


Vasai Road
VASAI ROAD historically known as Bassein (By British) or Baçaim (By Portuguese), is a suburb near to Mumbai City and is located in Palghar District.

Today, Vasai Road is a part of the Vasai Virar City and is governed by the Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation (V.V.M.C.).

There are numerous public sector heavy and small industries are located at Vasai Road.

The Vasai Road Railway Station is connected by Western as well as central Railway and is the most busiest Railway Station after Borivali Railway Station (W.R.). Vasai Road Railway Station has a total of seven Platforms and is a terminus for all the local trains and major outbound mail trains.

Trains Time Table

► Vasai Stopping Mail Trains : Click Here

► Local Trains Time Table : Click Here

► Vasai - Diva - Panvel : Click Here

Places of Attractions in Vasai

► Vasai Fort : Click Here

► Vajreshwari Temple : Click Here

► Suruchi Baug : Click Here

► Arnala Fort : Click Here

► Jivdani Temple : Click Here

► Tungareshwar Temple : Click Here

► Chinchoti Waterfalls : Click Here

Map of Vasai

Map of Vasai


Jivdani Virar
Goddess Jivdani
JIVDANI, the Goddess of Life, is an incarnation of the Goddess Adi Shakti. The Mandir of the Goddess Jivdani is situated atop hillock at Virar, in Thane District. The Jivdani Mandir is more than 150 years old and around 25,000 to 30,000 devotees visit the Mandir daily. The Goddess Jivdani is the family deity of Mangayle, Bhandari and Koli people.

Temples Daily Routine / Schedule
02.30 to 04.00  Abhishek
04.00 to 05.00  Poshakh (Dressing)
05.00 to 05.20  Aarti
05.20 to 11.45  Darshan
11.45 to 12.00  closed
12.00 to 14.00  Darshan
14.00 to 15.00  closed
19.30 to 19.45  Aarti
20.00               Temple doors closed

Special Day to Visit Jivdani Mandir :- Sunday

Temples Festival :- Dussehra

How to reach Jivdani Temple
Get down in Virar Station (East side), there are Share Auto's charging Rs.7/- per head till Jivdani footsteps below. Alternately a private auto may charge up to Rs.50/- also. (Please Note Auto do not charge according to meter like in Mumbai City, Meter do not work here, and fixed charges are applied.)

Nearest Railway Station :-
Virar (W.R.)

Distance :-
Virar Station to Jivdani - 5.5 Kilometers

Nearby Attraction / Holy Places
Papadkhandi Dam, Jain Temple, St. James Church, Arnala Beach, Rajodi Beach


           Renuka Devi   Vajreshwari Devi   Kalika Devi
VAJRESHWARI, a small village, about 28 kilometers far from Vasai Road Station and 75 kilometers from Mumbai City, famous for its Yogini Devi Mandir, is situated on the banks of river Tansa, in Thane District.

The village name is arrived from the ‘Goddess Vajreshwari’ an avatar or incarnation of the ‘Goddess Parvati - the Aadi Shaki’.

The temple of the goddess Vajreshwari was constructed in the year 1739 by the great Maratha warrior Chimaji Appa who is a military commander of the Maratha Empire and younger brother of ‘Bajirao Peshwa 1st’. The Goddess Vajreshwari temple’s architecture is based on Vasai Fort.

The town Vajreshwari is also famous for its hot springs. The hot springs at Akloli and Ganeshpuri, are well known and some of them are hottest in Asia. They are said to possess medicinal qualities due to the presence of sulphur and other curable element. They are visited by thousands.

Akloli Kund Vajreshwari
Akloli Kund, Behind Rameshwar Temple
There are a number of monuments in the township which owe their existence to Rajmata Jijabai and her father Lakhoji Jadhav. The monuments like Kalkar, Rang Mahal, Tomb of Lakhoji Jadhav and his palace, ancient temple of Neelkamleshwar and Rameshwar have a great heritage and architectural value. The Nityanand Ashram, Gurudwar Ashram is few of the popular excursions.

Vajreshwari Temple Festivals :-
Navratri Festival
Chitra Amavasya
Kojagiri Pournima

Vajreshwari Mandir Contact Details :-
Shree Vajreshwari Yogini Devi Sansthan
Vajreshwari, Taluka Bhiwandi, Dist. Thane
Contact Numbers Vajreshwari - (02522) 261249 / 261500
Contact Numbers Bhiwandi - (02522) 253445

Best Time to Visit Vajreshwari :-
During Winter (October to January)

Accommodation Vajreshwari :-
Pavan Resort (Near Akloli Kund) # 02522-261371 / 261560 / 261320

Places to Visit in Vajreshwari :-
Vajreshwari Temple
Akloli Kund
Shri Gurudev Ashram
Parshuram Mandir
Nityanand Mandir

Nearest Railway Station :-
Vasai Road Railway Station (W.R.)

Nearest Airport :-
Mumbai Airport (Code:BOM)

Distance :-
Vasai Road to Vajreshwari - 28 Kilometers (By Road) [Journey Time : 45 minutes]

* There are regular State Transport buses from Vasai Road for Vajreshwari

VAJRESHWARI 06.45, 15.15, 20.30, 20.40, 21.35
AMBADI (Via Vajreshwari) 08.15, 11.45, 12.00, 12.15, 12.45, 13.00, 13.15, 14.30, 14.45, 15.00, 15.05, 16.15, 17.00, 17.15, 17.20, 17.30, 17.50

More Information - Vajreshwari :-
Website : Click Here

Newspaper Article (Marathi) : Click here


Vasai Fort
Vasai Fort
Vasai Fort, a large marine fort, located at Vasai Road in Thane District, Maharashtra. The fort is about 61 kilometers far from Mumbai City.

Vasai fort was under Gujarat Sultanate command. During the period 1528 to 1534, the sultanate was engaged in battles with the Rajputs, Mughals and Portuguese. To exterminate the danger from the Mughal and Rajput dynasty, the then Sultan of Gujarat, Sultan Qutb-ud-Din Bahadur Shah, signed a peace treaty with Nuno da Cunha, the Governor of Portuguese India on 23rd December 1534. The Sultan handed over the port of Bassein and the adjoining territories to Portuguese as per the Treaty.

Vasai Fort is surrounded by sea on three sides and to the land side it had a moat which is filled with sea water. It's 4.5 kilometers long strong stone wall had 11 bastions. The fort had two gates. There was also a small citadel in the fort. The fort is well equipped with store houses, water tanks, armory etc. The Vasai fort also had fields for growing Vegetables and grains.

Best Time to Visit
During Winter (October to March)

By Road - The Vasai fort can be reached by ST BUS or by Share Auto from the Vasai Railway Station (West Side). The distance from Vasai Station to Vasai Fort is around 14 Kilometers.

By Air - The Nearest Airport is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (Code : BOM)

By Rail - The Nearest Railway Station for Vasai Fort is Vasai Road Railway Station (Western Railway)