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Kondeshwar - A perfect picnic spot

Kondeshwar (Kundeshwar) is a beautiful picnic spot near Badlapur town in Thane District. It is situated close to the high hills of Badlapur. The place is famous for the ancient temple of almighty Shiva, and for the waterfall located in the vicinity of the temple.

The Kondeshwar Temple is small but beautiful represents an ancient Hemadpanthi style of architecture. The temple is constructed with beautifully carved black stones. The main sanctum Sanctorum is surrounded by several shrines.

Kondeshwar Temple & Falls

Mahashivratri is one of the main festivals celebrated in this temple.

The waterfall here has a good splash and the presence of the ancient Shiva Temple adds the beauty of the existing waterfall.

Kondeshwar is a remote place and hence away from noise and urban pollution. This place is good for family and for teenagers. In fact, it is an ideal one day picnic spot for those who have Badlapur station near.

How to go:
From Badlapur Railway Station, get on to the east side. You will get the auto rickshaws from there which goes to Kondeshwar Temple directly.

There is a decent resort 'Bhoj resort' just close by.

Not much eateries or hotels around the temple. You can find small shops and roadside vendors for light snacks, but you will be better off packing your lunch.

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