Pataleshwar Cave Temple Pune
The Pataleshwar Cave Temple is a rock-cut cave temple, is situated on the Junglee Maharaj Road, in the heart of the city of Pune in Maharashtra.

The cave temple has a unique factor, it is below the ground level and has been hand-hewn from a basalt rock, is dedicated to the Supreme God Shiva (also known as Lord Pataleshwar, the god of the underworld).

The sanctum - a hexahedron shaped room about 3–4 meters on each side - houses Shiv Lingam and there are two smaller cells on each side. In front of the cave is a rounded Nandi Mandapa, its umbrella shaped canopy supported by massive square pillars. This Mandapa (pillared outdoor hall) is one of the peculiar structures of Pataleshwar.

The sculpture of the cave temple never got fully completed but remains incomplete, possibly because of a fault line found at the back of the sanctum Sanctorum, which made the further sculpting unsafe, or political upheaval resulting in loss of patronage. Still worshiped by devotees, the Shiv Lingam is anointed with Ghee and Dahi. A brass temple bell hangs outside the basalt entryway of the cave temple adds to its beauty.

The temple also houses the statues of Lord Rama, Laxmana, and Devi Sita carved with white stones.

The temple resembles the Ellora and Elephanta Caves in its architectural style and it has been declared to be of National Importance under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological sites and remains act 1958 (Act Number 24 of 1958).

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Pataleshwar Cave Temple PunePataleshwar Cave Temple Pune

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