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Shivaji Maharaj - Afzal Khan meeting at Pratapgad
Pratapgad-Afzal Khan episode affords the best example of Shivaji Maharaj’s generalship and his grasp of the situation. The fort is invariably associated with the slaying of Afzal Khan (or Abdullah Khan), the Bijapur general by Shivaji Maharaj. Pratapgad on a hill commanding the famous Panghat below Mahabaleshwar, happens to be one of the rare forts. There are strong watch towers and bastions, Hanuman and Bhavani Devi temples, remnants of the palace and few reservoirs. The height of Pratapgad is 1100 meters from sea level.

It is among the highest and most picturesque forts in Western India, 20 kilometers below Mahabaleshwar or 60 kilometers from Mahad which was often the residence of Shivaji Maharaj.

The first part of the ghat road leading down from Pratapgad towards Mahad shows surpassing scenery. Many visitors to Mahabaleshwar visit Pratapgad and also climb the fort which has a motorable road almost to the top. At the top having passed through the fort gateway, there is a magnificent view in the foreground of what is known as Abdullah’s tower and the stretching valley below.

Nowadays various facilities are made available at the fort for tourists.

Nearest Railway Station : Satara

Distance : Satara to Pratapgad - 74 Kilometers

Nearby Attractions : Tomb of Afzal Khan, Bhavani Devi Mandir

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