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Lonar Crater
Lonar Crater
The Lonar crater is one of the geographical surprises. Scientists attempt to date the crater have placed it at approximately 50,000 years, when the meteorite that created the crater is said to have collided at the spot. The Lonar crater has the distinction of being the only one of its kind in the world besides being the only natural crater in the basalt rock.

The temple complex here is a favorite excursion, constructed in the Hemadpanti style, the deities – Lord Narsimha, Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva and Renukadevi – are worshipped. Admist the ruins of the Shiva temple is a Mahadev Ling.

The Devi temple, a tall structure with a high stone plinth rises from the thick forest at the edge of the lake. Not far from the head of the ravine is a comparatively unknown Daitya Sadan, an abode of demons called the Swami Mandir.

Nearest Railway Station : Malkapur

Mumbai to Lonar – 504 kilometers (By Road – route NH3 & SH24)
Journey Time : 8 Hrs. and 40 minutes

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Daitya Sadan - Abode of Demons
Daitya Sadan (Abode of Demons)

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