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Navegaon National Park Nagpur
Navegaon National Park
Around 132 kilometers from Nagpur lies the Navegaon National Park, most popular forest resort. Here serpentine roads wind their way around a picturesque lake set in the midst of hill ranges. The lake sprawls over some 11 square kilometer area and its crystal clear waters are particularly beautiful in moonlit nights. In winter huge flocks of immigrant ducks dot the lake. A deer park, three beautiful gardens, and a children’s park add to the pleasure of visitors. Here are found more than 60% of the bird species of Maharashtra. The list of mammals too is impressive comprising tigers, leopards, Sambars, chitals, deers, langurs etc. We can watch the wild animals from strategically located towers or machans and tree top dwellings in the heart of the forests.

It is said that Kolu Patel Kohli built the Navegaon lake at the beginning of the 18th century. His shrine is located on one of the peaks surrounding the lake. The peaks are known as seven sisters and it is believed that these sisters deities assisted Kolu in building the lake. The island in the centre is known as ‘Maldongari’. To the northeast of the lake lies ‘Nishani’ peak.

Nearest Railway Station
Devalgaon (South-East Railway)

Devalgaon to Navegaon - 1 Kilometer

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Navegaon National Park Nagpur

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