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Chikhaldara, situated in the satpura mountain at a height of 1118 meters is a green hill station, a beauty of colorful birds and animals. It is delightfully cool, naturally beautiful and historically significant place for tourist.

For the tourist’s pleasure and enjoyment, there are splendid view points, lovely walks and drives, lakes and waterfalls, flora and fauna, colorful gardens.

In the epic Mahabharat, Bheema killed Kichaka and threw him into the valley, hence the name Chikhaldara, or Kichak Dara, the valley of Kichak. There is Bhimkund where Bheema took a bath after slaying Kichak. Chikhaldara is also a rich heritage in tribal culture – of the Korkus, Madia, Gonda etc. One is enchanted by their colorful dances, their sense of rhythm, their unusual musical instruments.

The interesting excursions from here are Botanical garden, Shakkar lake etc. The Nilmar and Mahadeo hills with their wooded valleys are visible from some of the points. To the south there is a panorama of the Berar plains and the Bela Ghat. For climbers also Chikhaldara provides ample scope. Nearby is well known tiger project of Melghat.

There is the imposing Gavilgad Fort, built way back in the 11th Century. The fort ramparts and embankments, tottering here and there, but still standing, defiant of the ravages of time, command a vast area and its four gates overlook strategic positions, now militarily meaningless, but still aesthetically attractive.

Places of Interest
Bhimkund, Shakkar Lake, Gavilgad Fort, Forest Gardens, Melghat Tiger Reserve, Hurricane Point, Prospect Point, Devi Point, Semadoh Lake,

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Best Time to Visit Chikhaldara
October to June

Nearest Airport to Chikhaldara
Akola Airport (also known as Shivani Airport) (AKD)

Akola Airport to Chikhaldara - 150 Kilometers

Nearest Railway Station
Badnera (C.R.) Amravati

Badnera to Chikhaldara – 95 Kms. (By Road)
Mumbai to Badnera – 678 kms. (By Road)

Photo Gallery

Beautiful Chikhaldara
Beautiful Surrounding - Chikhaldara

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