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Dahanu Bordi Beach
BORDI BEACH - This beautiful beach is situated near Dahanu Road, in Thane District. The Bordi beach is a very safe beach as the water does not rise above the waist up to 400 meters. The entire stretch of the beach from Dahanu to Bordi is roughly 17 kilometers and very picturesque. The specialty of the beach is that it is natural and calm even though the beach is connected with outside town it is pristine and refreshing.

About Dahanu Road and Bordi
The area Dahanu Road is famous for fruit orchards. It boasts of some of the country's best Sapodilla (Chikoo) orchards. The Iranis and Parsis were the earliest settlers here and their culture adds a touch of the exotic to this place.

Bordi is known as the ideal education center. Smt. Anutai Wagh, the social activists and reformer, founded the Education Center here for tribes.

Nearest from Dahanu is Udvada in Gujarat State, the Mecca of Zoroastrians, where is situated a large and beautiful temple which houses the sacred fire. The amazing fact about this temple is that this fire has been kept alive for almost a millennium. The Zoroastrians invariably visit the place.

Best time to Visit Dahanu Bordi
Dahanu has a brisk air. The best time to visit Dahanu Bordi is during the winter (November to February).

Nearby Attractions
Mahalaxmi Mandir Dahanu, Dahanu Fort, Asavli Dam, Kalpataru Botanical Gardens, Mallinath Jain Tirth Kosbad Temple, Zoroastrian Atash Behram, Zoroastrian Heritage Museum

Hotels / Guest Lodge
Tapovan Retreat # 02528-254649
[Tariff : Rs.1100/- to Rs.1500/- (for 2 People); Extra Charges - Rs.400/- per each extra person]

How to reach Bordi Beach
Bordi beach is 24 Kilometers away from Dahanu Road Railway Station (W.R.) and if you want to go to Bordi; then you have to catch the shuttle train from Virar Station for Dahanu Road. Shuttle Trains ply regularly between Dahanu Road and Virar. Also there are some mail trains which halts at Dahanu Road. The place is also accessible from Mumbai - Ahmedabad Highway.

Dahanu Road to Bordi Beach - 24 Kilometers (By Road)
Mumbai to Dahanu Road - 138 kilometers (By Road) Via Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway


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