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Rajabai Tower Mumbai
Rajabai Tower
The lovely Rajabai Clock Tower is situated  in the campus of Mumbai University, is in south Mumbai.

The clock tower was designed by the British architect Sir George Gilbert Scott.

The clock tower was modeled to London’s Big Ben.

The construction work of the clock tower started in 1869 and was completed in 1878 at a cost of Rs.2 lakhs.

Mr. Premchand Roychand, the founder of the Bombay Stock Exchange (B.S.E.), paid the entire sum from his pocket on the condition that the clock tower be named after his mother Rajabai.

The surrounding area of the Rajabai Clock Tower is very beautiful.

The Rajabai Clock Tower was closed to the public after it became a suicidal point.

Nearest Railway Station : Churchgate (W.R.)

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