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Ashta Vinayak
Pilgrimage to the Ashtavinayaka or the eight manifestations of Ganesha, ensures the pilgrim everlasting bliss. Glorified as Swayambhu or self-existent, each of the eight idols has a distinctive feature. These eight holy shrines are at Morgaon, Siddhatek, Pali, Mahad, Theur, Lenyadri, Ozar and Ranjangaon. Out of these Morgaon, Theur, Lenyadri , Ozar and Ranjangaon are in the Pune District, Pali and Mahad are in the Raigad district whereas Siddhatek is in the Ahmednagar district. The devotees take pilgrimage to all the eight temples in a single tour.


The foremost (Adya) shrine among Ashta Vinayaka is Moreshwar or Mayureshwar at Morgaon in Pune District. Moraya Gosavi the great devotee of Ganesha also spent some time here to perform Sadhana. During his sadhana, Moraya Gosavi had found an idol in the Kartha River which he later on established at Chinchwad.

The Ganesh idol in this temple is also `swayambhu'.

Nearest Railway Station : Pune
Distance : Pune - Morgaon 64 Kms.


Siddhi Vinayak in Ahmednagar district is also believed to be a destination where Moraya Gosavi did penance. The main temple was constructed by Ahilyabai Holkar.

The idol is `swayambhu' and its trunk is in the right direction. Nearby flows Bhima River on the banks of which beautiful `ghats' are constructed. Narayan Maharaj of Kedgaon is said to have attained `Siddhi' here.

Nearest Railway Station : Boribyal (Pune-Solapur Railway Line)
Distance : Boribyal - Siddhatek 19 kms


This beautiful temple of Ballaleshwar, the incarnation of Lord Ganesh, is located in Pali Village. The temple is one of the eight temples of Lord Ganesha and situated between Sarasgad Fort and the Amba River.

Nearest Railway Station : Panvel, Khopoli
Distance : Mumbai - Khopoli 90 kms., Khopoli - Pali 38 kms.


The Mandir of Lord Varadvinayak is situated in the Mahad Village in Raigad district. The Mandir was built by Peshwa Subhedar Biwalkar in 1725 AD. The Idol of Lord Ganesha is self originated and faces the east, has its trunk turned to the left. In this Mandir, there is an oil lamp which is burning uninterruptedly since last 120 years.

Nearest Railway Station : Karjat, Panvel
Distance : Mumbai - Mahad 83 kms.


The Chintamani Mandir of Theur is located in the Haveli Taluka of Pune District and is dedicated to Shree Ganesha. The temple was built by Morya Gosavi. The idol in the Temple is Swayambhu (self appeared) and its trunk is in the right direction. It is significant that three sides of the temple are surrounded by Mula-Mutha rivers.

Nearest Railway Station : Pune and Loni
Distance : Pune - Theur 22 Kms., Loni - Theur 5 Kms.


Situated on a hill, on the banks of the kukdi river at lenyadri, this temple has 283 steps symbolizing the devotion that unites the devotee with the deity. According to a folklore, it was here that Parvati spent time in prayer and penance and gave birth to Ganapati.

Ganesh is known as Girijatmaj. The temple is among Buddhist caves atop a hill. Both sides of Ganesh, are idols of Hanuman, Shankar and other deities.

Nearest Railway Station : Pune
Distance : Pune - Junnar 70 Kms.


Here Ganesha is worshipped in his incarnation as Vighnahara or the remover of troubles. The Temple is facing east and there are three audience halls in front of it. It is said that the temple was constructed in the eighteen century. The temple is on the bank of kukdi river, 8 kilometers from Narayangaon. The idol of Shree Ganesh here is in sitting posture.

Built in 1833, the temple is famous for its `Deepmala' or garland of lights. Its golden dome was gifted by Bajirao Peshva's younger brother Chimaji Appa.

Nearest Railway Station : Pune
Distance : Mumbai - Pune 192 Kms., Pune - Ozar 85 Kms.


At Ranjangaon, the deity is popularly known as Mahaganpati because of the size of the idol. It is believed that Mahaganpati is hidden under the present temple to prevent its destruction from non-believers. It has ten trunks and twenty arms. Thousand of devotees visit the place during the Ganesh Festival in the month of Bhadrapad.

Sardar Kibe of Indore, Madhwrao Peshwa, Pawar, Shinde, Holkar had helped in the construction and extension of the temple.

M.S.R.T.C. buses are available at Pune for Ranjangaon.

Nearest Railway Station : Pune and Urali
Distance : Pune - Ranjangaon 50 Kms., Urali - Ranjangaon - 16 kms.

Ashta Vinayak - Map

Ashta Vinayak Darshan Map
Ashta Vinayak Map

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