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If you are doing the business of making, washing, or repair of any articles and for that you employed people, then it is necessary to register such business activity with the Commissioner for Workplace Safety & Health.
Documents and Details Required (In 2 sets) :
  1. Covering Letter of Plan (on Co.'s Letter Head)
  2. Covering Letter of License (on Co.'s Letter Head)
  3. List of Raw Material
  4. List of Finished Goods
  5. Manufacturing Process - Flowchart
  6. Name and Residential Address of Proprietor / Partner / Director
  7. Name and Residential address of the Manager (if Any)
  8. Total no of persons going to be employed (temporary / permanent / security / staff / workers etc.)
  9. Electricity Bill / Sanctioned HP
  10. Memorandum of Articles / Partnership Deed
  11. Leave and License Agreement
  12. License Fee Paid Challan (Fees will depend upon present manpower strength & H.P. used)
Format(s) of Covering Letter (Plan / License)Format Link
Form No.2 (In Triplicate)
along with covering letter of License
Front Side
Back Side
Form No.27 (Annual Return)Click Here
Revised Factory License Fee (w.e.f. 2013)Click Here


is factory license essential in food industry

The Shop License permit Compulsory in Tamil Nadu regulates the appropriate operation and behaviour of enterprises and businesses in Tamilnadu. Shops, residential hotels, restaurants, theatres, places of public amusement or entertainment, and any other location where commerce is conducted are among the commercial establishments that must register under the act.

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